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EPOXY PAINT ANTI-SLIP: is a solvent-free, two component epoxy coating system with orange peel appearance that can be light, medium or aggressive. It exhibits a very physical properties and unique finish. It provides a monochrome color with opaque and glossy finish, seamless, and a high covering power.


Epoxy Paint SF: a solvent-free, two-component, high-build, polyamine cured epoxy paint, which cures to a coating with good resistance to fresh water, sea water, crude oil, and to abrasion. Applicable in thick coats by standard heavy duty airless spray equipment.


Epoxy Pebble Stone: It is a decorative, durable aggregate-filled system. This is a complete system which includes epoxy primer, pebble rock aggregate, or grinned glass or any natural material ), special binder and a protective clear coat . It provides a slip and impact resistant surface with exceptional strength and wear characteristics. The system has the ability to install over concrete or wood substrates. Also it have a variety of aggregate colors may be blended to match any decor.


EPOXY SEALER SF: is This is a two component polyamide cured solvent free epoxy coating. It is transparent and ensures very good adhesion on most concrete floors. Specially designed for high build floor coatings on properly prepared concrete floors and walls.


Hayper Glass cast: cast is a water-clear epoxy casting resin developed to offer unrivalled clarity, air release and UV resistance. It has been formulated for maximum compatibility with a wide range of substrates and mold materials and is particularly suited for casting into wood where it can be used to create stunning thick, clear resin in fills in furniture - making it the ultimate ‘river table’ epoxy. The product can be used for just about any application that requires a water-clear bubble-free and tough resin casting. It is easy to use, low odor, self-degassing and doesn't require any specialist equipment. It can be poured as a thick coating over existing surfaces or into molds made from silicone rubber and of course it can be poured into knot-holes, cavities and gaps between wood for furniture pieces like epoxy river tables.


SELF LEVELING EPOXY SL300: is a three component self-levelling, solvent free epoxy which can be used as flooring in all types of industry, workshops and warehouses. It is a high performance self levelling & self smoothing product, easy to apply, leaving a durable seamless surface, specially formulated as heavy duty concrete coating for floor. The product consists of per-weighed colored resin and hardener components. It provides a hard wearing and abrasion resistant floor finish for basement, warehouses, industrial factories, ground floor car parks, traffic decks with no structural movement... Along a high resistance to chemicals and salts.