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THERMAL PAINT T1000: is a single component water based, elastomeric paint with a low thermal conductivity. The product contains special vacuum micro spheres fillers which offer a superior thermal and water insulation in the interior and exterior surfaces of the building. It provides energy savings to buildings of up to 25% depending on the application layers number in heating and cooling energy costs.


THERMAL PAINT T2000: High Performance liquid applied thermal insulation and energy saving roof coating system. The product have high quantity of ceramic micro-spheres of vacuum beads in an elastomeric emulsion of high grade acrylic resin is nontoxic (Environmentally friendly) and is designed to outlast other radiant barrier exterior systems. Also It is applied on most exterior surfaces including that of concrete and metal.


Thermal Plaster: is the perfect solution to provide both a leveling plaster and thermal insulation in one product while at the same time maintaining optimum levels of breath ability and moisture management. The plaster system combines outstanding thermal performance with optimum vapor control and high mechanical strength. Hayperflex Thermal Plaster is primarily manufactured from a combination of especial mix of natural material to the best thermal insulation material.