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Anti Condensation Paint AC 101: It is a product with a sophisticated formula, which has been modified by special chemicals and polymers to eliminate the moisture and dampness problems in the interior and exterior walls of the buildings. The product is thermoplastic resin based, solvent based, single component. It can be applied to any kind of humid or dry walls, painted and unpainted surfaces. Thanks to its excellent alkali and moisture resistance, it prevents the formation of moisture on the walls and destroys if there is any. The product have a superior adhesion strength in all kinds of surfaces is and does not swell and have a very good chemical resistance, it is UV stable paint and have good resistance against rain, water or salt. It can be used interior and exterior, in basements, in garages or in cellars. It forms a film layer showing excellent moisture resistance on the surface applied. Even if the paint or wall is humid, it adheres very well to the surface. It is not affected by salt water and efflorescence. Thanks to this feature, it is also used to solve the problem of paint swelling in buildings. The product is designed to penetrate into the walls and dries up the humidity inside the walls with the special chemicals in its ingredients.


LITHIUM CONCRETE HARDENER TOP COAT: is a water-based ultrahigh solid lithium surface hardener used to densify, harden, dust-proof new or existing concrete floors. The product improves surface strength by hardening fresh and existing concrete surfaces and creating a capillary effect, prevents dust emission and is used to obtain a surface with high abrasion resistance. It creates an insoluble calcium silicate structure by reacting with calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate existing in the active lithium concrete structure. Therefore, hardness of the concrete improves and dust-free surface is obtained.


TRANSPARENT WATER REPELLENT SB: is a solvent based Silane Siloxane water repellent sealer that penetrates deep into the surface where it chemically reacts to form a hydrophobic barrier within the pores. The hydrophobic barrier, which can last for up to 10 years, will reduce surface water absorption by up to 95%. Surfaces sealed with the Aquatic Shield SB instantly become more resistant to the damaging effects of water absorption, such as cracking, spelling, pitting, freeze thaw and ice damage, staining, mold and mildew growth, and the formation of efflorescence.


TRANSPARENT WATER REPELLENT WB: is a water-based water-repellent sealer specifically designed for concrete, brick, natural stone and masonry. Aquatic Shield works better and lasts much longer than conventional sealers because it chemically reacts with the substrate to form an insoluble, water-repellent barrier. This barrier is within the surface so it cannot wear away, fade, yellow, crack or peel. The finished application enhances the surface’s natural color still allowing breath-ability.