Advanced Technology in Waterproofing: Hayperflex (Magazine for waterproofing industry)

Advanced Technology in waterproofing: Hayperflex

Making a rapid entry into the waterproofing industry, Alvo A.Ş. is excited to add a new product to the existing wide product range of Hayperflex products. With the trend of mezzanine balcony and landscape works in the construction sector, the need for waterproofing encouraged Alvo to develop “Hayperflex Elastofix 2K”.

One of the most important features of Hayperflex’s new product, Hayperflex Elastofix 2K, is that it is reinforced with special polymers, and it collects itself even if it is pierced and ensures that the insulation application continues smoothly by preserving its waterproof feature. Another distinctive feature is that it is reinforced with special elastic silanes used in it and has an elasticity of 2500%.

Hayperflex Elastofix 2K is used for waterproofing in foundations, curtain walls, wet areas, metal / concrete roofs, facade panels, bridges, viaducts, concrete stream channels, as well as balconies and terraces.

It can be easily applied on concrete, plaster, screed, repair mortar, plastered brick, wood-OSB board, cement particle board and metal surfaces. This product, which we can describe as the panacea of ​​insulation, can be used in every surface and environment that needs insulation.

Elastofix 2K preserves all its properties up to -40 / +120 oC. In addition to its 2500% elongation ability, it has high tensile, tear, abrasion and surface adhesion strength.

Before Elastofix 2K application, the surface must be dry and free from moisture. Concrete must have at least 28 days cured. The surfaces to be applied must be free from dust, oil, grease, paraffin, cement residues, old membranes and free particles that will weaken adherence. If possible, the surface should be washed with pressurized water and dried.

Damaged parts in concrete must be repaired with Hayperflex Epoxy Mortar-SF. In addition, the surface must be primed with Hayper Pur Primer 1K or Hayper Epoxy Primer SF. Hayperflex Elastofix 2K in ready-to-use sets should be mixed on-site on the primed surface and the process should be completed by applying a minimum of 1.80 – 2.50 lt per m2 with an airless gun, roller, brush and check rust to form 2 layers of cross-link on the floor.

Alvo A.Ş is expanding its product range day by day, without sacrificing innovation and quality, by conducting R&D studies for insulation solutions that the industry needs.