There are very different areas of utilization within sports areas and multi-purpose halls. The sports areas themselves, locker rooms, cafeterias and even shops – each area of utilization has its own demands on the floor covering.


Tennis courts can be built to a range of different dimensions, depending on your individual specification and budget. We can tailor your facility to the requirements of your organization. There are a number of different materials which tennis court construction contractors can install a sports surface in.

These paint coatings can all be applied in a range of colours (eg blue, red, green). Some of the different types include:

  • Acrylic non-slip coating – This ensures the safety characteristics of the court are maintained to reduce the risk of injury. This is especially important if the facility is being used by kids at a school or sports club.
  • Polyurethane spray coat – Enhances the surface with bright colours and increases the durability and longevity. It also adds an anti-slip quality for safety.
  • Line marking – It is important to make sure that your tennis court has good quality, skid-resistant line markings. This will ensure the best performance characteristics and most accurate game playing decisions.


A modern-day outdoor basketball court has standard sizes and dimensions of 28m x 15m. However, depending on the level or standard of sport that you wish to play, we can adapt this. We’ll customize the specification to suit many sizes of outdoor basketball courts. It all depends on budget, costs and size/location.

The good drainage characteristics of these sports surfaces mean they are usable in all weather conditions and at all times of the year. This is a great quality, especially in schools and colleges.

Basketball is a sport that you can play on various types of surfaces. These surfaces can all have anti slip sports color coatings and line markings applied in different colors so a number of different sports can be played on the same surface, including basketball, tennis and netball.